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Your first visit

On your first visit you be required to fill in some personal details such as name and address. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier to complete this paperwork. Alternatively you can download the forms using the button below and either email them to us or bring them with you on the day.

What to Bring

Please bring with you any relevant x-rays, MRI, CT reports, and any correspondence you may have from your GP or Specialist.


If you have a lower limb or sports injury it would help if you could bring the trainers you wear and any orthotics (insoles) you may use.


If you are covered with private medical insurance and would like us to bill them directly, please ensure you bring your MEMBERSHIP and AUTHORISATION numbers with you.


What to Wear

Generally it will help if you wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment.


If you are attending for a back or lower limb problem it would be beneficial to wear shorts.


Ladies, if you are attending for an upper limb or upper back problem, please wear a vest top.


In order to make a diagnosis of a condition and thus provide the best possible treatment, a detailed examination will be carried out. The physiotherapist will ask information about your problem and take details of any relevant past medical history.


An examination of the relevant area will be conducted. This may involve joints, ligaments, nerves and muscle. It should be noted however, that a full assessment of the back, may require the physiotherapist to assess the hip, knee and ankle joints as well. Appropriate clothing should therefore be worn, if possible.


Findings will be discussed and a treatment plan agreed. Treatment may consist of:

- Joint and soft tissue mobilisation

- Electrotherapy

- Rehabilitation and strengthening

- Acupuncture


Maintenance is a considerable part of the physiotherapist’s role and your treatment will probably include exercise for you to do at home. It is important for you to do these if you are to gain the best results from your treatment!

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