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Sports massage

Sports massage therapy is an invaluable resource for all sports people, from the occasional tennis player to the professional athlete. It aids the rehabilitation process from sports related injuries and focuses on returning the patient to their sporting activity as quickly and safely as possible. It will help to prevent further injury and offers advise on how to avoid re-injuring a previously damaged area.

Sports massage on leg

Sports massage therapy does not only deal with sports injuries but also helps to enhance an athlete’s performance. Pre and post event massage can help to prevent injury as well as help the body to achieve its full potential, keep the muscles healthy and strong and invigorate and enliven tired lethargic muscles.


It is also ideal as part of a training program to maximise potential, maintain flexibility and suppleness, prevent injury, remove knots, adhesions and tension and ease muscular cramp and spasm.


Sports massage can:

  • Prevent Injury

  • Speed up recovery and rehabilitation from injury

  • Improve muscle tone and function

  • Improve performance

  • Decrease muscular pain

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