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Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves that make up the musculoskeletal system. A dysfunction of one or more of these structures can produce pain and discomfort in areas of the body.

Physical Therapy Session

The aim of physiotherapy is to enhance the body’s natural healing process using techniques such as:


  • Joint and soft tissue mobilisation

  • Electrotherapy

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening

  • Acupuncture

Some common conditions that are treated with physiotherapy are:

  • Back/neck pain

  • Headaches

  • Tennis/golfers elbow

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Acute sprains/sports injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Repetitive and overuse injuries

  • Post operation rehabilitation

  • Osteoarthritis


Our physiotherapists are chartered and recognised by private insurance companies.

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